Ways to Start Your Own Business Using WordPress With Little Startup Cash in 2019

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Nowadays just having a 9 to 5 is not enough to pay bills and still have enough money left over to enjoy yourself or to save for a rainy day. That’s why many people now use apps like Uber, Postmates, or Amazon Flex to earn some extra cash. But let’s face it, working countless hours for these apps is not going to get you the money you need to help you get to the next level you desire to be financially.

That’s why people all over the world are using the internet to start their own business for themselves. From starting a YouTube channel or selling products it’s become easier than ever before to start a online business. But I know what you’re thinking! It costs too much money to start my own business. But that is the farthest from the truth. Platforms such as WordPress makes it easy and cost-effective for individuals looking to start their own business online. In this post we are going to go over several ways that you can use WordPress to start your own business with little money to start.


Creating and Monetizing a Blog

Using WordPress for blogging is one of the most popular ways on the internet today.  About 34% of the website you see today are made using WordPress. That’s over 60 million websites worldwide! That’s a lot of website, so you can rest assured that WordPress is one of the best platforms to use to start a blog or website.  When deciding what to make your blog about, it can be as simple as just writing a blog about your life or your favorite hobbies. But the point of a blog is to provide content that you enjoy making and that the public will enjoy and can relate too. If your having a hard time deciding what to make your blog about, Google Trends is a great place to find out what are some of the hottest trends and topic being discussed online at any time.

Once you have decided the topic of your blog, the next steps are selecting your blog’s name and purchasing the domain and hosting provider to house your new blog.  Coming up with a name for your blog can be a fun and creative time for you but it can also be a struggle just to decide.  Take 20-30 minutes to brainstorm ideas for blog names, if you are taking any longer then that then your definitely over thinking it.  If your having a hard time coming up with a name there are some great online business name generators that can give you some help.  NameBoy and Business Name Generator are just some of the places you can go to find ideas for your blog name.  And what’s great about them is that after you select a name they redirect you to domain and host providers GoDaddy And Bluehost.

GoDaddy and Bluehost are internet domain registrar and web hosting company that provide you with a cheap solution when needing to find a place to house your new blog. Both platforms start out as low as $4.99 a month in the first year for either the domain or hosting service. Our personal preference is using a platform called Namecheap, their services start out as low as $1.37 a year in the first year as well. The main draw about them is their excellent customer service without additional fees attached. We will probably do future blog post comparing the different hosting and domain name providers.

Now that you have the domain name, hosting provider, and the topic that you want to write your blog about, it is now time create your blog. In most cases your hosting provider should have the WordPress app within the cpanel allowing you to easily create a new WordPress site via the hosting platform. If not you can simply go to wordpress.com and download a copy of WordPress to upload to your host’s server.

After WordPress is installed on to your hosting server, you can begin the process of selecting the theme you want to use for your blog. WordPress provides a bunch of free standard themes that you can select from your WordPress dashboard. If those themes don’t suit you, you can purchase premium themes from Themeforest which provide beautiful WordPress themes ranging from the price of $19 all the way to $69. Now that you have selected your theme you would like to use, you can now proceed to build your pages for your blog and also begin writing your first blog post.

When you’ve gotten to the point where you have created your blog and you are now posting great content that is generating some traffic, you can begin to think about the process of monetizing your blog so that you can bring an extra income. One of the most popular ways of doing that is by doing affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can make extra money when people visit your blog and clicks on an ad to make a purchase or generate a lead  for another company. Each affiliate marketing company have different rates and terms on the payout for each ad purchase but that is a good way of earning extra money from your blog from the traffic that you receive from the people who come to your blog. Here are just a few examples of some affiliate marketers you can use on your blog for extra income:



Create a E-Commerce Store to Sell Physical Products


Selling products online has become so much easier now with platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. They allow people to sell their own custom products or to sell another company’s products. With WordPress you can create a online store by using the plug-in called Woocommerce.  Woocommerce is open source E-commerce platform that allows users to sell products online and process payment on all purchases made on their website. And unlike Shopify, Woocommerce is 100% free, but they do provide free and paid premium addons to the plugin if you need them. You can sell your own custom made products or you can start a dropshipping business. If you’re starting out with little cash a great way to sell products online is by creating a dropshipping business.

With dropshipping you don’t have to actually have any inventory, but it gives you the ability to list products on your site that come directly from the Manufacturer or Distributors. This way is incredibly cost-effective when starting out because you only pay for the products once the customer orders the from your store. The suppliers handles the shipping as well, so the store owners only responsibility is to make sure that they process the orders to the suppliers so that they can ship the order on your store’s behalf. There’s several platforms that you can use to automate your dropshipping store, here are a few examples of platforms that you can use:

AliDropship Woo

We personally like to use Ezusy, as it gives you the ability add products directly from Ali Express and add them to your store and it’s also free to use. You can customize the product name, price, and attributes of all your products in the Ezusy dashboard. All you need to do is simply download the Chrome extension and any time you visit AliExpress hover over the product that you would like to add to your store and push to import the product to the dashboard. From there you can edit all the information before actually pushing it to your store and Publishing it on your products page.


Once your store has been built and all your products have been added to your store is now time start advertising the products in your store to generate sales. That can be done several ways you can either advertise products on Facebook by using Facebook ads/post, or using Google AdSense  or Adwords to get leads and sales, or you can contact influencers on Instagram or Youtube in your industry to give you shout outs to bring more traffic to your website. And there are many other ways that you can promote your products online to generate more traffic or sales to your website.


Create Business to Flip Online

If maintaining an online business is not in your cards, you can always build a store and flip it online on web sites such as Flippa. At Flippa you can buy and sell websites, domains, and apps. You have the option of either buying or selling a starter site sites, which typically have little to no traffic. Or you can buy or sell a more established sites which has a lot of traffic and may generate revenue as well at a higher price point. When selling your website on Flippa, you can set it up in two ways. Either doing it by auction or by classifieds. With auctions, you able to list your website for up to 14 days and people will bid up until the end of the auction date. With classifieds you set your own price for how much you want to sale the website for and people message you with either that accepted price or a negotiated price they may have in mind. Flipping websites online gives you a different and quicker alternative to building your own business online. It allows you to just take the role of the designer / developer instead of being the business owner. It’s a great way to earn extra cash if you don’t have enough startup cash to have a marketing budget to advertise a online store.

Create a Website to Sell Your Services

If you have a service that you can provide to the public such as writing, graphic design, or even building websites, you can create a website to sell those services online. Having a website to promote the services you provide is a great way to get your info out to the public. This is also a great way to keep track of all your clients that you work with, as well as also sending invoices and receive payments from your clients for any work you may have completed.  Plugins such as WP-Invoice, Stripe, and Woocommerce PDF Invoices are a great solution for that.  Using Google Adwords or sponsored ads on social media platforms are a great paid solution to advertising for your business.  If you don’t want to spend too much money on advertising for your website, to try to get new leads for clients, you can use job posting platform such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to find jobs or contracts for whatever skill set you may have. These platforms are great for finding your target audience when it comes to the services you provide.


Create a Paid Membership Website

When you have a blog, selling ads isn’t the only way to earn a income. Once you have a large enough following or community you can possibly start to sell premium content to your subscribers. A great way of doing that is by creating a membership website that allows your subscribers to pay to view your premium content. With WordPress, it gives you the ability to create a membership website in your blog or website by using plugins Memberpress or Buddypress. You can develop a wide range of membership levels with each level being able to view certain aspects of your website or content.

Premium content isn’t the only thing that you can offer on your membership site. You can also create a private forum where members will be able to discuss many different topics but only be allowed to participate in the discussion if there are member to your website. Another option similar to a forum is to create a question and answer website.  Think of StackOverflow as an example, where users will be able to post questions and receive answers from other users of your membership website. If you want to take your membership site to the next level, you can possibly create your very own social network or your own dating website. Giving people the ability to create their own profiles and interact with other members on your website.


Create a Website to Sell Digital Products

In the last few of examples, we have talked about how building a community can help lead to more income for your blog or website.  Similar to the idea of selling premium content, exploring the option of selling an eBook or e-course is another great way to bring in revenue. Unlike with posting premium content on a blog, selling an eBook or e-course gives you a more passive alternative. When you supply premium consent, you will have continuously provide that premium content on a weekly basis if you want to make it worthwhile for your users. Whereas with the eBook/e-course, you create the material once and from time to time you periodically do updates based off of changes in technology, course information, or by suggestions from your users who are viewing your material. If you’re having a tough time coming up with the material for your e-book or online course, there are resources such as PLR Products that you can use to piece together to create a eBook/e-course or use as a base to start your own personalized version that you can sell on your blog. I will go into greater detail about how to build and monetize a blog/website in a future post.


We hope you enjoyed this article and we encourage you to use some of these ideas to start you very own business today.  There is no time like the present to make the decision to go into business for yourself, and we are here to help guide you along the way.  Subscribe to our blog for the latest news on updated posts, tutorials, and reviews.


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